Different Reactions to the Blog

“You have a great blog,” my ultra-polite Peruvian brother-in-law tells me. “The only thing is that you are sometimes very harsh on the commenters. Of course, they really deserve it but wow, you are harsh. It’s all their own fault, of course. I think.”

“The only complaint I have about the blog,” says my sister who is so outspoken and opinionated that I seem like a total wallflower by her side, “is that you are too nice and acquiescent with the commenters. What’s up with the endless ‘yes, you are right’, ‘exactly’ and ‘I agree’? That’s just boring.”

“You have great commenters on your blog,” my father says. “Thanks to them I discovered that there are many true intellectuals in the US.”

3 thoughts on “Different Reactions to the Blog”

  1. If your sister or father decide to blog, hopefully, you’ll tell us.
    I am already curious what she would tell her commenters. Seriously.


  2. She does have a blog but it is a professonal one, not personal. So of course, she treats those commenters with all respec due to people who are looking for jobs. I dont think this family can take one more passionate blogger. šŸ™‚

    She participated in several controversial discussions on my blog and yes, she was much more outspoken and non-apologetic than I am. šŸ™‚


  3. Your father is very sweet. Of course, I personally find several commentators here remarkably ignorant and intellectually limited and quite smug with it all, but it’s nice of him to focus on the more interesting minority.

    Plus, one mus remember, a group of brilliant people can never make a community (like a blog) popular =) We all need mediocrity in large amounts to make our endevours successful.


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