Men’s Rights Advocates Write Poetry

MRAs have been working hard to promote my blog lately, so I decided to do them a good turn and promote one of them who has written a poem. Yes, one of those poetically inclined MRAs, imagine that. The poem is so hilarious that I couldn’t conceal it from my readers. For those of you who are still not sure who MRAs are and why it is so much fun to ridicule them, here goes:

When the Feminists came for the Rapists,
I remained silent;
I was not a Rapist.

When they locked up the stalkers,
I remained silent;
I was not a stalker.

When they came for the Players,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Player.

When they came for the men who they got bored of,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t some one they were bored of yet.

When they came for me, the nice guy,
there was no one left to speak out.

Don’t tell me this isn’t priceless.

Here is the link to the site where I found the poem. But, please, don’t follow the link unless you suspect I wrote the poem myself. We don’t really want to give hits to these folks and promote their sites in this way, do we?

I found this link on this great, non-chauvinistic blog.

17 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Advocates Write Poetry

  1. and hopelessly stupid and inept, offensive even. What exactly does “coming for the rapists” mean? That prosecuting rape is some radical feminist idea that they are disagreeing with? That men should have protested making a rape a crime because that was the first step toward criminalizing masculinity itself? I never knew what “MRA” even meant until I read your blog, and I’m kind of sorry that I do know what it is.


    1. I just could not help imagining a couple of feminists dressed in the 30ies NKVD gear (leather trench coats) and with some handcuffs finally coming after this “nice guy”… 🙂
      Sorry for joking in this serious topic.


    1. Any “nice guy” who thinks it’s a problem that rapists are locked up, ought to think about checking the dictionary. Nice?


  2. ¡Que pinche pendejo! This, on the day that all charges are dismissed against DSK. Rubs salt in the wound, no? From the day after they were hired, undoubtedly for several hundred thousand dollars, it was obvious that his attorneys were going to pursue the very old and very effective legal defense of attack and blame the victim. The facts be damned, full speed ahead; argumentum ad hominem wins again. I was astounded that I never read any editorials about this legal approach in the NY Times, after all, it is in their back yard. But I was not astounded that the judge and the DA all caved to the smear campaign. My expectations of august media outlets are higher than they are for judges and lawyers and so my disappointment is greater.

    You have riled me, Clarissa. But you don’t have to remind me that this kind of thinking represents a majority view among men and a large minority of women. I have an ex-wife who was tossed out of her home and on the street at 13. She made a living as a prostitute because you can’t get a legal job at 13 and she needed food, shelter, clothing, etc. Selling drugs and prostitution are the only jobs available to homeless children. She asked why raping a prostitute was not considered a crime when robbing a convenience store is. After all, both involve theft of something that is for sale.

    My present wife works in the field as a project engineer. She was hired several months ago by a top of the line engineering company for a difficult job in a very difficult environment. She normally dresses in boots, workpants and a collared, pullover polo shirt such as you buy from LL Bean, Lands End, etc. The vice president of her division was visiting the job site last week told her that she has to wear a bra because her nipples are sometimes apparent under the shirt and one of the men had complained. If she could get a bra to fit, it would have to be a negative B cup because her bust is 2 inches smaller than he chest dimension. Bras are not made for women built like her and, even if they were, there is no requirement that the men whose nipples can be discerned under their shirts wear a bra. My male boss is wearing a white polo shirt today and his nipples are clearly visible. Instead of telling the complaining party to grow up, stop leering at women’s bodies and get on with his job, my wife was told that she would wear a bra or lose her job despite her performance review that said she was the best at her job that the company had ever hired. She negotiated for “an undergarment”, so she is ordering some camisoles and is going to use first aid tape over her nipples until they arrive. Maybe she should order some pasties from a striptease supply shop. But why should she wear a second top in 120 to 130 degree temperatures? What really galls is that before entering the engineering field 15 years ago, she was a corporate accountant for 15 years for a very prestigious and large Washington, D.C. law firm. She has never worn a bra and has never before had a prior complaint about her attire in 30 years of professional employment.
    Sexism, like racism, is endemic in all human societies that I know of. Like all cynics, scratch my cynical veneer and you will find a disillusioned idealist. But I still want to punch the VP in the nose and hang the leering one by his balls. Did I really post that? Yeah, I did.


    1. I know what you mean. I was fired from a teaching job at a summer language school years ago because a male student complained that I dressed in a revealing way and distracted him from learning. The truth was that I suffered through a very hot Montreal summer in shirts that covered my elbows specifically because I wanted to be responsible as a teacher. And the student in question simply needed to blame somebody for his lack of success. So I was fired.

      “She asked why raping a prostitute was not considered a crime when robbing a convenience store is. After all, both involve theft of something that is for sale.”

      -Good point. And what a tragic story.

      “The vice president of her division was visiting the job site last week told her that she has to wear a bra because her nipples are sometimes apparent under the shirt and one of the men had complained.”

      -Maybe he should stop staring. Some people are just too much.


      1. Kind of shows how much I internalized this cultural approach, when my first impulse was to ask whether it was open at the neck or very tight. 😦

        In Israel “shirts that covered my elbows” in heat are usually worn only by religious women. Or if you work in a religious place (a firm with mainly religious clients, or a school for religious). I really hate fabric touching the inner part of elbow, so wear short sleeves even in winter with wide-sleeved sweater (many of women’s sweaters are horribly tight at the sleeves, a shop was teens gave me my favorite ones) . Didn’t think US was more religious than Israel to listen too this student’s rubbish.


  3. I see Alas and his bunch going on about the whole Nice Guy thing and all so I’m wondering where the MRA part came from? That guy sounds like a generic anti-feminist to me.


  4. And what happened when they came for the dimwits? Was any of his friends left to defend him then?

    My heart really bleeds for this guy.


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