How Do You Turn On the TV?

I haven’t watched the TV at home for so long (almost 4 months) that I forgot how to turn it on. It took me almost 10 minutes of staring at the blank screen to figure it out.

And then I discovered that there is nothing on worth watching, so I needn’t have bothered.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Turn On the TV?

  1. I can top that! When the government was handing out vouchers for $40.00 off on digital converter boxes to apply to analog TVs, I duly bought one of those boxes for cost to me of $20.00. I have yet to install it – it keeps slipping my mind. I just don’t think of that 40 kilo cathode ray tube as a “receiver”. To me, it is a screen for the DVDs and VCR tapes.


  2. But if you watch the latest episode of Haven (The Tides that Bind) on the SyFy network, you get to see my kid!!

    I know – shameless self promotion – but what the hell. I’m proud he’s doing what he wants, and doing it fairly well, I might say.


      1. He’s been acting on stage for the better part of five years now, and has been auditioning relentlessly for tv/movie parts for the last 3 years. He spent the entire day (8hr) to shoot the 3 minute segment that he’s in. If you watch, he’s the slender blonde standing on the dock singing in the opening scene.


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