Let’s Spit on Eric Angell

I never heard the name “Eric Angell” before, and I’m sure you haven’t either. But we all need to find out who this guy is now because he is a vile, nasty jerk and, possibly, a criminal.

Here you can find his pseudo-comic monologue in which he narrates the hilarious story of raping a woman. You can see from the comments of other so-called comedians and the reaction of the audience that they are perfectly aware that this is a story of rape but they just can’t stop laughing.

The only marginally good thing about this horror show is that it has been taped, so now everybody knows who Eric Angell is and can spit on him whenever he shows his disgusting, ugly mug in public.

Women, beware! This is a predator who thinks rape is a huge, big joke. Of course, now he will claim that the story was invented but it doesn’t make him any less of a nasty loser who thinks that rape is funny.

I learned about this horrible story here.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Spit on Eric Angell

    1. At least, nowadays there are many people who are shocked and outraged. In my country, I doubt you’d find a significant number of people who would see this as problematic. I stopped watching Russian movies and serials because the staple is a romance that starts with a horrifying, brutal rape. From which then “true love” developed. The most recent Russian series I watched was about the writer Dostoyevsky. The makers of the series even managed to fit a rape scene into the series about the writer’s life!! I was beyond appalled. And this is all national TV, primetime viewing. This is in a country were 100 per cent of women report being raped at least once!

      I just get so angry about these things.


  1. Spit on him. I’d like to do that and more. What a disgusting human being. Makes me sick knowing he breathes the same air as me.


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