Dear Student!

If the only questions you ask during the first day of class are “What is the attendance policy?” and “Will we be penalized if we have many absences?”, then it’s kind of difficult not to laugh when you send me emails as to the horrible, totally unexpected chain of events that is preventing you from coming to class for the third week in a row.

8 thoughts on “Dear Student!

  1. Oh, geez. Why do people do this? I’ve already told all my teachers about the two days I’m spending away in two weeks.

    Three weeks in a row is too much. Unless you really are in quarantine or something.


  2. I am so glad that nobody gives a shit if you attend classes at all.
    I mean it is just so awesome when you appear on exam day and don’t know which room you have to go into because you don’t know how the prof looks like that gives the class you are supposed to attend.


    1. I keep telling the students I don’t need to be given excuses for non-attendance but they never listen. Maybe it’s a good thing because it allows them to become really creative with making up crazy stories about why they couldn’t attend.


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