What’s Up With Netflix?

Is anybody aware of what is going on with Netflix? Why do I suddenly get a dramatic email from Reed Hastings, the co-founder of Netflix that starts with the words “I messed up. I owe you an explanation”?

Has there been some scandal over Netflix recently that I missed? I read the email but it doesn’t explain what the big deal is. Or is it simply a PR move to attract attention to the company?

4 thoughts on “What’s Up With Netflix?

  1. They started charging people $8 for DVDs in the mail separate from DVD streaming online. Everything used to be just one flat rate. But last week, a record number of people began signing out of Netflix and their stocks fell. I hope the email had a promise to revert to the old rates.


    1. I think the two have been separate for a long time. I subscribed to get just the streaming several months ago.

      Obviously, the DVD-mailing system as well as the DVDs themselves will die out very soon. Now it’s all streaming all the time.


  2. I thought that was a personal message just to me. No I feel less special knowing you got it too.

    They shifted their business model and raised prices in a way that was a PR disaster. Now they are trying to salvage their business.


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