Sunflower Seeds and Meditation

Do you know why Ukrainians are always so happy, relaxed, laid-back, and stress-free?

Because we eat a lot of sunflower seeds. Getting them out of their shells requires such intense concentration that it becomes a great meditation technique. And the seeds themselves lower blood pressure. (Of course, the seeds should be bought as nature created them, in shells and unsalted.)

Just try it. It’s a road to nirvana.

One thought on “Sunflower Seeds and Meditation”

  1. 100% Чиста правда! Але смачнішим, у сухому і не солоному вигляді є насіння гарбуза. А соняшникове все ж непогано ледь підсмажити для смаку, щоправда користі буде менше, але нірвана гарантована! 🙂


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