Good Writing

The following was written by one of my favorite bloggers Nominatissima:

I have a confession: I have a much deeper-seated fear of Christians/Gentiles who suck up to Jews, wax poetic about Israel being some type of great holy land, and talk about their “sacred duty” to protect Jews, and I personally find them to be a lot more frightening and disturbing than any openly hateful antisemite I ever met. . . I have a lifetime, hell, an entire cultural history of dealing with antisemites, I’m practically an expert at bringing them down at this point, and they’re about as annoying as ticks in the summer. But I have no idea how to disengage these weirdos and have them go back to that Dead Sea scroll they crawled out of.

Can you believe that this is a 21-year-old student writing? This is so good I want to weep.

If you ever feel the need to dump on the younger generation, do read Nominatissima’s blog. It will restore your faith in humanity. And if you believe that younger people are immature, I have to tell you that I hope I achieve this blogger’s level of maturity by the age of 41. I still have time, so I’m not too hopeless. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Good Writing

  1. Why shouldn’t this be a 21 year old writing? There are smart young people, and smart articulate young people, and smart articulate inquisitive young people who delight in learning and engaging with the world.

    But that doesn’t mean there are quite remarkably stupid young people, vicious young people, or zero-interest-in-the-world young people. One bright person, or loads of other very bright young people, doesn’t imply brightness is a generation thing. It just means these are special people we are happy to have met 🙂

    P.S: I find this idea of ‘dumping on young people’ very odd. I didn’t notice it during my time in the US. Is it a new thing?


    1. There is a trend in certain college professors where all young students are immature kids who cannot take care of themselves and oh…the future of this country is doomed and oh… my life is miserable because I have to teach these little idiots. The website College Misery is a good example, but a lot of “serious” bloggers engage in those attitudes too. It drives me nuts.


      1. Ah yes. College Misery. I have a few things to say about most of them, and they, I am afraid, are not flattering. My advice to Clarissa was to stop reading their bitter, unhappy, deeply entitled bitchfest, but she said they make her so angry it wakes her up in the morning 😉

        On the other hand, I *was* shocked at the level of skills in my undergrad students and tutees — they were appallingly low. Mind you, I was 24. And I agree venting is helpful. To return to my point, therefore, it is enormously helpful not to generalise by generation. And an excellent idea to stop reading College Misery 🙂


        1. I agree the level that students come in with is often appallingly low. However, I see so much curiosity in them, that it makes me very happy. Today in class, we had really great discussions with most people participating, analyzing, contributing. It was lovely.

          In 4 years, they will turn into completely different people (in a good way). 🙂

          And no, I’m not ready to give up on the Misery. Any identity needs its Other. 🙂


  2. I too enjoy Nominatissima’s writing.

    However, I would like to point out that perhaps she (still) writes powerfully, fearlessly, and engagingly no in spite of being 21, but precisely because she is 21.
    Let me explain: being in the sciences, I write mostly technical papers, and have for quite some time. When I go and reread some of my early grad school papers, they sound bold, innovative, and yes, fearless. Part of the reason is my ignorance at that time of the vastness of the field I was entering, and all the work that was actually already done. The papers I write now are significantly more toned down and everything is qualified, because I am now an old hat in the field, plus have been smacked around (and justly so) by reviewers a time or two. While the science I present is still always novel, the writing has significantly changed with respect to my early days. I no longer write like I am the savior of the field. Perhaps it’s time to switch fields? 😉


  3. Gosh, now I’m positively preening!
    I should point out however, that I am now actually 22, and sincerely hope that doesn’t reduce my passion or writing credibility in any fashion.


  4. Listening to a 21 year old speak about a “Lifetime of dealing with antisemitism” or a lifetime of dealing with anything is laughable. And this 21 year old’s irrational fear of Christians who perceive a “sacred duty” to the Jews is nonsense! Please…


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