Immigration Medical

I’ve had to go to St. Louis twice for my immigration medical this week. I’m actually blogging from the doctor’s office right now.

What I found to be very curious (especially, because it didn’t happen when I emigrated to Canada and had to pass my medical at the Canadian consulate) was that we were asked whether we have any suicidal thoughts.
Are the immigration officials worried that they go through this long bureaucratic process only to have us kill ourselves, or something? And all this effort will be wasted?

4 thoughts on “Immigration Medical

  1. Maybe they’re trying to determine if you’re applying for citizenship to seek some type of psychiatric care? If someone wants a specific treatment in the US, it might be easier to pay for and receive if that person is a citizen.

    That, or they could just want a better file than any they already have. Doctors are notorious for requesting random personal information; I can only imagine that government doctors would be worse than local ones.


  2. yeah, mental health care can be extremely expensive, they may be keeping their eyes on it.

    and it definitely creates a database of information that can be looked whenever immigrants are accused of crimes and things like that.


  3. This is a standard question in most health inventories in the US and I strongly suspect that it is entirely unrelated to immigration status. One of the things I did as an EMT was intakes for a small rural hospital, and I have asked that question in completely unrelated and inappropriate situations. It’s sort of like the question “Are you pregnant?” located on forms given to men, followed by, “If you are male skip this question and go to the next number..


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