Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

This is what I’ve been reading this week. Feel free to self-promote to your heart’s content.

An outstanding post on the horrible and barbaric “Conceived in Rape” campaign in what is turning into a horrible and barbaric state of Mississippi.

You think that people in Pamplona run with bulls? Think again as you watch this hilarious video and read the explanation of the new phenomenon.

A brilliant and important post on reproductive freedom.

A series of interesting posts on religion. Here is the first one. And here is the second one (make sure you read my fascinating 🙂 comments to the post.) There are more posts in the series appearing daily, so make sure you wander around the blog and find them.

Really great suggestions on how to meditate.

Drinking a lot of coffee may decrease the risk of depression. I don’t know if it’s true but now I feel very self-righteous about my out-of-control love for coffee.

An absolutely hilarious article on really stupid academic titles.

A powerful post on what hides behind the men’s rights movement.

How do you decide to donate money for a cause? I think this is a great topic for a fruitful discussion.

A very important post on how to break an addiction to beauty stores.

The success industry victimizes men.

A response to my post on using terminology people from other ethnic groups might find offensive.

Six ways to fix the embarrassing GOP primary debates.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. Why #occupywallstreet is a failure

    In the above post he links to a great new blog, specifically to a “post about how to stage effective protests in the 21st century”

    What is meant by “Efficiency” in the health care market [Entirely different things for different market agents]

    A woman calls “the cops and turning in a woman who wound up getting charged under a thirty-year-old law” for finding ~ 25 weeks dead fetus in her house. Also some interesting facts on pregnancy & abortion in the past.
    In news article it’s stated as “Police have found the body of a stillborn child in Pocatello” [bold is mine]

    Amanda writes on the true incivility in political discourse

    And 2 posts about the reasons behind fast food’s popularity


  2. Triggering Talk & Staircase Wit — Pondering how I respond — and how I’d like to respond — when told that I’m too sensitive after asking for what I think are reasonable accommodations for my triggers.

    More Censorship Subversion: Song of the Lioness Quartet — What Tamora Pierce’s series taught me about empowering sexuality. And how I knew I had to hide it from the teachers and pastors at my school and church.

    I think it’s my soleus. — Being told I can’t do something because I’m fat. Discovering that is, in fact, bullshit.

    Core Stretching: Fart Pose — The post, because psoas tightness can be a contributing factor to back and pelvic pain. The title, because sometimes I am roughly as mature as the average 12-year-old. 😀


  3. From Fabius Maximus blog I found a great post on Iran with many interesting links, like the following. Did you know that:

    – The collapse of Iran’s birth rate during the past 20 years is the fastest recorded in any country, ever… “Iran is dying for a fight,” I wrote in 2007 [] in the literal sense that its decline is so visible that some of its leaders think that they have nothing to lose.

    – prostitution has become a career of choice among educated Iranian women. More than 90% of Tehran’s prostitutes have passed the university entrance exam, according to the results of one study, and more than 30% of them are registered at a university or studying. .. The educated women of Tehran choose prostitution in pursuit of upward mobility, as a way of sharing in the oil-based potlatch

    – 5% of Iran’s adult, non-elderly population of 35 million is addicted to opiates. That is an astonishing number, unseen since the peak of Chinese addiction during the 19th century… The closest American equivalent (from 2003) found that less than one-tenth of 1% of the non-elderly adult USA population reported using heroin within the prior month

    – 36% of Iran’s youth aged 15 to 29 years want to emigrate, according to yet another unpublicized Iranian study

    The conclusion of the author is:
    explanation of Iran’s population implosion is that the country has undergone an existential crisis comparable to encounters of Amazon or Inuit tribes with modernity. Traditional society demands submission to the collective. Once the external constraints are removed, its members can shift from the most extreme forms of modesty to the other extreme of sexual license.

    I’ve never heard in newspapers about those things despite Israel’s interest in what’s going on in Iran. Or may be I didn’t read the right newspapers?


    1. The article is very confusing, to be honest. Birth rates fall whenever women’s rights win, everybody knows that. Falling birth rates are usually a great sign. Now, if so many women go into prostitution and are not afraid of reporting it openly, this really changes the picture of Iran’s sexual mores in a way I find it hard to believe.

      As to the supposed existential crisis of the Amazon tribes, the author of the article would be well-served to read the great anthropologist Levi-Strauss. Then the author would know that the existential crisis of those encounters was not on the side of the Amazonians. 🙂
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