Questions Without Answers: “Afterward”

So my father’s book of short stories finally came out in English, and this makes me very proud.

In case people are curious, I want to offer you a link to one of the stories that is available online and that is part of the book. I am not the translator of this work, although I helped edit parts of the translation. The translation I am working on will be done by the end of November, and you have no idea how I will celebrate that. It is weary work, indeed, to translate a writer who can’t create a sentence without inserting some play on words in there.

To give a small example, I just spent a while trying to find an English-language writer whose last name would lend itself to a pun and whose characters’ names would be funny in order to substitute references to Nikolai Gogol in the original text.

Can anybody figure out what the name of the first-person narrator in this story is? 🙂

Here is the link to Michael Blekhman’s short story “Afterward”.



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