New and Vastly Improved

So can you guess where I’m writing this post from?

Right you are! This my first dispatch from the newly refurbished office. And I have to tell you, people, it’s a thing of beauty. I now want to change my entire wardrobe to look as expensive as this office does.

As soon as I planted myself behind the new desk, a student came in to talk to me. And I was finally able to offer him a seat and sit facing him. And the student had a place to put his papers.

I have a feeling I will create some amazing research in this office. My heart is beating very fast and I have tears in my eyes because this office makes me feel so cool, professional, intellectual, and important.

I still haven’t received my stuff from storage and I need to buy some beautiful office supplies to decorate the office. Then, I will post pictures. Prepare yourselves to be stunned.

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