And a Little Parting Gift for Our Child-Free Guests

30 thoughts on “And a Little Parting Gift for Our Child-Free Guests

  1. Every overseas visitor we have wants to go somewhere they can hold one of these. Inevitably they get bitten or pissed on. That is when I take the photo for them to take home.


    1. Precisely my point! Once, when I was young and impressionable, tried to cuddle a very cuddly-looking pup, all floppy ears and adorably liquid eyes. And it was all angles and hard bones underneath.

      I was permanently cured of my tactile affection for fluffy beasts.

      I now stick to soft toys that I filch temporarily little people around me.


  2. Actually, we could use this photo for a great psychological test.

    What do you see in this picture? A Mommy holding her baby? A Daddy holding his baby? A romantic couple? Best buddies? An adult koala trying to strangle a small koala?

    Or do you just see one koala, like Randi does?


  3. What I saw in the picture is me hugging my niece Klubnikis. The big koala bears an uncanny resemblance to myself (minus the fur), so it isn’t like I’m totally self-centered or anything. 🙂


  4. They are adorable, but I sure wouldn’t try to cuddle them as I wouldn’t want to get either bitten or pissed on. People are so strange–stories abound about people who put themselves and animals in danger by attempting to get too close to wild animals, especially in the national parks. I don’t understand these crazy people thinking treating encounters with wild animals in the parks as if it is some kind of petting zoo. I recall a video of a man being thrown up at least 60 feet in the air because he got to close to a buffalo. Sigh! I certainly hope that they don’t procreate–the world really needs more intelligent people.


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