Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

This is the most egregious piece of news I have heard in a very long time. What kind of a complete and utter barbarity is this?

A brilliant post about the debates between the child-free and child-having folks.

Wondering how to make your blog get promoted by WordPress and get thousands of new readers instantly? Easy! Just come up with a very provocative title that is bound to anger people and make them want to learn more about what happened and then write an inane post that doesn’t even come close to fulfilling the title’s promise.

The shamanistic cure. Short, insightful, and to the point.

And this is the kind of post that always makes me go to my Stats page and stare at it with a happy, beatific expression. And before you blame me for being competitive, note that I’m sending visitors to a blog that has never done this for me. And it isn’t the first time I’m doing this.

“Someone is living a very strange life.” I can’t say more about this post because it will kill all the fun, but it’s really, really, really brilliant. This is a blogger who keeps disagreeing with me, and the feeling is mutual. But he is totally worth checking out.

An update on the DSK. It’s good to see that there is a blogger who doesn’t want to lose sight of DSK even after he has left this country.

Sexual dysfunction in men and circumcision: scientific data.

Who are the University Women? The post makes a very important point, albeit in a way that is so apologetic that it makes me cringe.

A really shocking story about two children who were swapped at birth by careless medical professionals at the maternity ward. In the country where it happened, a really inhumane and cruel policy of keeping newborns away from their mothers (and not even letting the fathers into the hospital) exists.

Spanish Prof writes brilliantly about the problems she has with the #Occupy movement. And here is Part II. OK, it’s long, but it’s brilliant, people. I highly recommend. Spanish Prof makes really astute comparisons between the events in Argentina in 2010 and the rhetoric surrounding the US #Occupy movement today. And here is Part III of her post.

An article by Douthat with which I agree 100%. I never imagined I would say this about a piece of writing by Douthat but I can’t find anything in the article to disagree with. Thank you, Izgad, for sending it to me!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. The license plates, we have those too. They must be in a lot of states. You can give money to a whole lot of causes, including that one.


  2. Unwisely: Part 4 — In total, it’s about a physically abusive relationship that I had when I was a teenager. This part is about hiding that relationship from my mom.

    I am intrigued about the possibility of something by Douthat that I might not despise. I will have to read it when I’m finished entering grades.


  3. Thanks for the link and the compliments, Clarissa! One brief correction: it’s Argentina 2001, not 2010.

    Off topic: I know you said you didn’t know what sport they played, but I am waiting your “Through the Eyes of a Stranger” series post on the Cardinals.


      1. You mean that it’s an excuse to drink expensive watery beer and get a sunburn while being elbowed by yelling shirtless guys in scary face paint? Although that’s kind of all spectator sports in the entire world….


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