How Can Any Woman Disrespect Herself So Much. . .

 . . . that she would agree to drool all over this vile, nasty, stupid rapist?

I’ll never watch another movie that Kate Winslet even stood next to, let alone starred in. I had no idea she was such a pathetic jerk. Bleh.

What would make you boycott a celebrity?

Are Women in Danger at the #Occupy Protests?

I have no idea why there are fewer women at the #Occupy protests. I’m not even sure it is, indeed, the case that there are fewer women, because all of the footage I’ve seen of the protests seems very balanced in terms of gender representation. But suggesting that women don’t join the protests because they fear being raped or sexually harassed sounds completely bizarre.

We’ve already heard baseless and offensive suggestions that #Occupiers are anti-Semites, looters, litterers, and criminals. Now we are hearing they are all potential rapists. And the really shocking thing is that I found this appalling and unsubstantiated suggestion at a progressive blog. It kind of annoys me that progressive news sources are so bent on convincing women we should be afraid of being politically active because any appearance in a public space will supposedly get us raped. I thought this was a tactic normally adopted by the anti-feminists.

Does anybody need to be reminded that the place where women get raped most often is not a political protest but, rather, their own home?

P.S. And I just found yet another progressive blogger who gushes over the protests and then suggests women don’t join them because they are afraid of being raped. Have these bloggers even tried consulting the statistics? According to every study on rape, the best thing women could do to avoid being raped would be to stay away from home and spend time with strangers.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

I’m so busy this week that I’ve had to plan every day of the week in 15-minute increments. So I was wondering, is it OK to celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday instead of Thursday? I want to prepare a huge feast, but I simply won’t have the time to do it before Saturday. Would that be an unforgivable violation of tradition?

Romance and Cultural Differences

Since people don’t seem to mind my gossip stories from Russia, I’ll share the most recent one. A famous female journalist and blogger of about my age was approached by a French company that manufactures comfortable underwear for professional women. The blogger agreed to participate in the company’s promotional campaign and started writing promo pieces about the product on her blog. She is such a talented writer that even her sponsored pieces are a lot of fun to read.

The next step in the promo campaign was creating a video featuring the French underwear. Since the blogger in question had participated in many ad campaigns as a model, she decided to star in the video. She also wrote the script for it. In the script, a beautiful, professional woman in her thirties sees off to work the man she loves while wearing the comfortable French underwear.

For the video, the blogger needed a male model who would embody her vision of the most desirable man possible: a paunchy, balding government official in his sixties. The modeling agency turned heaven and earth to find a male model who looked that way. It wasn’t possible to find a male model who’d be as balding and paunchy as the blogger found attractive, so she had to accept a male model who looked more or less like this:

The blogger wanted the story of the video to unfold in an apartment, but that would have made the filming too complicated. So the shoot took place at a hotel. In the video, the male model who looks like the guy in the photo above leaves a hotel room and a much younger woman in underwear sees him off.

The Russian blogger was very happy with her video and sent it to the French headquarters of the underwear company. Within hours, the enraged representatives of the company called her back.

“Are you trying to make fun of us?” they bellowed. “The guy in the video looks just like DSK! And he’s leaving a hotel room that he shared with a much younger woman. The DSK scandal is a huge embarrassment for our country! We don’t want our company to be associated with this nastiness in any way!”

The blogger tried explaining that she was not aware of any DSK character and that she was simply trying to film the most romantic, homey and tender scenario she could imagine. And what can be more romantic than a beautiful, highly successful woman and a state apparatchik twice her age?

The French company didn’t relent, however, and the male model had to be edited from the video altogether.

If you think I invented this whole story, I could provide links. They will be in Russian, though.