I kept wondering what makes so many of my students each year state in the final exam that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were gay. Finally, the mystery has been solved. The following statement from the documentary we watch in class was what gave them that impression: “Between Ernesto and Fidel the attraction is mutual. Their relationship will last for 10 years.”

There is also a reference to Che Guevara having “the beauty of an archangel.” And, as we all know, all beautiful men have to be gay, right?

9 thoughts on “Dirty-Minded

    1. He’s extremely charismatic, though. When he speaks, you want to believe him, even when you know he’s spouting rubbish.

      I tried explaining what charisma is to my students but there was no American politician I could give as an example.


    1. Nah, that’s not the kind of charisma I’m talking about. His was more of a tepid watered-down charm. 🙂

      Of course, it’s a good thing we don’t have these ultra-charismatic politicians of Che Guevara’s ilk in this country. Those guys are dangerous.


      1. I wasn’t thinking of the political meaning of “blue,” but that adds yet another level to my lousy pun on Lewinski’s blue dress and prurient (“blue”) thoughts. 😀


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