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Reader el asked me to comment on the following article about people who visit snuff sites:

Some men get erotic thrills from seeing nude young women shot, stabbed, pierced by spears and arrows, or killed in a variety of other ways. And a remarkably large Internet industry has arisen to serve this craving.

All I can say is that the desire to analyze people’s sexual fantasies without being qualified as a psychoanalyst is evidence of wanting to convince the internal censor that one’s own sexuality is “good” and acceptable.

While people engage in consensual activities with other adults, why should any one care how they get off? And if you do care, please remember that, no matter how tame and mainstream your sexual fantasies are, there is a possibility that somebody might find them freaky and scary. Policing people’s fantasies and trying to assign meaning to them is a sign of one’s profound discomfort with one’s own sexuality and the attendant feelings of guilt. Such feelings get assuaged momentarily by pointing an accusatory finger at others, “Look, those folks are really messed up! Let’s concentrate on excoriating them in hopes of convincing ourselves that our sexuality is not as threatening as we perceive it to be.”

I remember how once I was eating my lunch at the office I then shared with several other people. “Wow, you must really love oral sex!” a colleague exclaimed very loudly. Of course, I almost choked on my food.

“Where on Earth did that come from?” I asked.

“Well, you always have either a cucumber or a banana in your lunch bag**,” she announced happily.

Writers of articles like the one quoted above remind me of this colleague.


** Hypertensives love cucumbers because cucumbers are watery and refreshing. They also allow us to wash excessive sodium out of our bodies. As for bananas, I’m not a huge fan. They were simply the cheapest fruit available at that time and I was skint.

18 thoughts on “Snuff Sites”

  1. A desire to kill or maim women does seem to rest on the false assumption that women are actually very powerful. I have observed that this assumption concerning the almost omnipotent status of women is behind misogyny more generally. The ritual of killing women is supposed to represent the killing of the excessively powerful goddess in order to impose “rationality” in its patriarchal form.


      1. But hardly in the ways many of them are inclined to think. For instance, in realistic ways such as in terms of wealth or political power, women generally are not strong. Conflating women’s sexual power with their power in general is very typical of patriarchal thinking


    1. Actually women make up the majority of the employeed and educated but not the most hard working clas of Americans in an age when kill all the men is a battle cry for women’s liberation from a ssytem that is already giving them anything and everything they want and more while making life hell for men by removing innocent till proven guilty in our courts of law and father’s day being turned into castration day really just proves that the misogyny you see is in fact just the reaction the hate and poverty men endure each day from a system that takes all their money and spends it on women. You sound like one of those self important feminist nut job at manboobz. So I want you tell the this to your cult leader david, “fuck their shit up” is a metaphor used by men when dicussing the entitled American woman


  2. I think there’s a bigger picture here to consider. Isn’t it very likely that that the fact that there is A MARKET FOR seeing people “snuffed” on video might increase the likelihood of people being ‘snuffed?’ Come on???


    1. It works in the opposite direction. People find the outlet for their desires in pornography and the crime rates drop. So such videos decrease the likelihood of real crimes taking place.


  3. This reminds me of all of the people who cried out about Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography. If you don’t like it, it can’t possibly be art = if you don’t like it, it can’t possibly be healthy sex.
    As someone who has an extensive collection of kinky/bondage erotic imagery in my library, and has never so much as harmed a fly, I have to laugh. I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and having a well-developed sexual imagination doesn’t say anything about my personal dealings with people who have NOT agreed to sleep with me.


    1. “As someone who has an extensive collection of kinky/bondage erotic imagery in my library, and has never so much as harmed a fly, I have to laugh.”

      -Exactly. When I imagine what conclusions about me people could draw from my sexual fantasies. . . sheesh.


  4. Fergie raped and killed a man in her music video and nobody cared.

    Why is are mainstream television and movies allowed to titillate people with violence and death, but an alternative porn site isn’t?


  5. My impression has always been that snuff films, and presumably nowadays snuff sites, are documentation of actual murders, not special effects. I am sorry, but I do not see how you can defend this.


    1. This is what the article says, “Enormous time, effort and expense are invested in the industry. Great numbers of young female performers “play dead” before cameras. Countless artist-hours are spent creating hundreds of death drawings and computer-generated slaughter scenes. ”

      I don’t see anything here about real crimes.

      The post is responding to a specific article. What the concept of “snuff films” meant historically is not something that I’m much aware of.


      1. The size of the porn industry is commonly exaggerated. NASCAR grosses more money than all of the pornographic videos, magazines and websites combined.


  6. Yes, I really thought ‘snuff’ originally referred to real videos of people getting killed. The pornographic twist (and the fake) side came later. I feel like if it is a fake video and the people who watch it know it’s fake that’s great. But, there are a lot of real videos, or videos that purport to be real out there which is scary. Some men also can’t ‘get off’ to videos they know are fake. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    If anyone knows more about snuff (I’m no expert), please share!

    Here’s a start:


    1. ” But, there are a lot of real videos, or videos that purport to be real out there which is scary. Some men also can’t ‘get off’ to videos they know are fake. I don’t know how I feel about that.”

      -Of course, anybody who makes such a real video should be in jail.


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