Through the Eyes of a Stranger: A Woman As a Syringe

The carefree, happy-go-lucky, gulp-it-down-and-think-of-the-consequences-later attitude to medication on this continent is nothing short of shocking. Look what I just came across at a blog written by an educated, intelligent person:

A friend of mine has to give medicine to her month-old baby. The medicine is liquid, and apparently tastes disgusting. The poor baby HATES it and tries not to swallow it, making the whole thing an ordeal. What if the mother could take the medicine instead? Then she could nurse the baby as usual and the baby would get her medication without having to deal with the yucky taste.

The thought that the mother would be exposed to a drug that she absolutely does not need with God only knows what side-effects and with potentially dangerous consequences never even crosses this blogger’s mind.

Let’s forget for the moment that this is a woman writing about another woman as if her body were a sort of a giant syringe or a drug-dispensing device whose only role is to provide needed substances to a child. Let’s just concentrate on the ease with which the author suggests that a healthy person should take drugs because it’s convenient. To somebody else.

This is how the blogger in question justifies this atrocity:

I’m sure there are quite a few cases where the mother would rather take a bit of unnecessary medication herself than have to make her poor baby miserable several times a day.

Taking even seemingly necessary medication is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. I’d suggest that even Tylenol be avoided as much as possible unless one is really in horrible pain and has exhausted every other option to get rid of it. But taking “a bit of unnecessary medication” cannot possibly ever even cross the mind of a psychologically balanced individual.

9 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of a Stranger: A Woman As a Syringe”

  1. On top of the bizarreness of taking medication that you don’t need, we have the horrible misinformation concerning breastfeeding. Sure, some medication will make it through the system into the breast milk, but not nearly enough to be effective for the baby. Crazy. Plan crazy.


  2. There`s no way an amount of medicine measured out and intended for a baby would ever be enough to make it through the mother`s system and come out in her breast milk. She would absorb it all. That`s beside the main point, but it`s worth noting.


  3. The old ways are the best ways:

    `Speak roughly to your little boy,
    And beat him when he sneezes:
    He only does it to annoy,
    Because he knows it teases.’
    CHORUS: (In which the cook and the baby joined):–
    `Wow! wow! wow!’

    While the Duchess sang the second verse of the song, she kept tossing the baby violently up and down, and the poor little thing howled so, that Alice could hardly hear the words:–

    `I speak severely to my boy,
    I beat him when he sneezes;
    For he can thoroughly enjoy
    The pepper when he pleases!’
    CHORUS: `Wow! wow! wow!’


    1. For those people who have not been brainwashed with stories about the evil nature of the bottle and the myth of “nipple confusion”, this would, indeed, be a great solution. You need to be a pretty strong, resilient and powerful woman to do that, though.


  4. Babies usually make faces when they are exposed to a new taste. So maybe they should just be breastfed for life so they won’t have any unpleasant experiences!

    People are sometimes just plain silly.


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