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Clarissa Rules!

So. I have graded everything. And calculated the final grades. And entered the final grades into the system. I have also created the syllabi for the next semester, planned the first week of classes, and printed everything out. I’m done, people.

The secret to finishing the grading and the course preparation for the next semester so fast is Ally McBeal. I watched the entire first season while I was grading. I hate this show. It is the most inane TV show I have ever seen. It is also offensive to women.

The strategy was to have it play next to me on my Kindle Fire while I grade. I dislike the show so much that I was motivated to finish everything as soon as possible so that I don’t have to watch any more Ally McBeal. And it worked.

I’m now completely and utterly free from anything teaching-related until January 10. Yippee! I totally rule.


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10 thoughts on “Clarissa Rules!

  1. I’ve never seen that show, but you’ve inspired me to leave a really bad TV show on while I’m doing work so I can get the same results. The only question is whether to do 19 Kids & Counting or World’s Strictest Parents.


  2. You could watch Bear Grylls drink reindeer blood direct from the animal’s jugular. I actually watch him all the time.


  3. I did some really excellent grading this semester during the Republican presidential debates.


  4. > I’m now completely and utterly free from anything teaching-related until January 10. Yippee! I totally rule. <
    indeed, that sounds wonderful ! good for you 🙂

    (your approach using that imo unspeakable ABB-show sounds very interesting/amazing to me. whatever works for you, that's what counts in this case 😉


  5. Why does it seem like everybody is getting out of school before I do? Except for my suitemate and her boyfriend, most people seem to be staying just for the parties and to use up their meal plan. All my friends are home already, and I still have an exam left.


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