Just Keep Me Posted! Please?

I submitted an article to a certain journal in January of 2011. The place where I submitted asks people to submit through the e-scholarship website, also known as the scourge of humanity and the bane of my existence.

I went to this website to look for a decision many times. Then the website went down and was inaccessible for a while.

So I go there today and finally manage to access it. And I discover that my article has been accepted with revisions. The revisions are good and very useful. They are also numerous, which I always welcome. It’s nice to see that reviewers have worked carefully with my text.

The problem is that nobody ever got in touch with me to inform me about this. It is weird to me that a decision appears on some site somewhere and nobody tells me anything. Something similar happened to me a while ago when I wrote to a journal to ask if they’d made a decision and they wrote back to say, “Oh, yes, we’ve published your article already.” Good, but how about informing the author?

What is it with journals that fail to communicate with authors?

The joy of getting an article accepted is now tinged with confusion as to what I’m supposed to do next if nobody is getting in touch with me.

9 thoughts on “Just Keep Me Posted! Please?”

    1. Thank you for asking! I discovered that we will have no snow and warm, sunny weather in my area all through New Year’s. I hate that, so I thought I could at least have fake snow on my blog.

      God, I miss snow.


      1. So how do you activate that in wordpress? I was trying to do it on one of the blogs I administrate, but couldn’t find the way to do it…


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