Spammers Posing as Famous Bloggers

I haven’t visited the Spam collector of this blog for a while, and it has grown to a terrifying size. Finally, I decided to visit it and discovered the most hilarious thing ever. Some very silly spammer has been trying to impersonate blogger Tenured Radical to get me to let their Spam through.

In order to be effective in your profession, you have to invest some effort into what you are doing. Even if your profession is being a spammer, you can’t do a half-assed job and expect to be successful. If the spammer had done a search of this blog using the term “Tenured Radical”, s/he would have easily discovered that there is no likelihood thatĀ Tenured Radical would start leaving comments on my blog with pleas that I get in touch.

Tenured Radical is a lot more famous than I am. It would be great if one day spammers tried impersonating me. And yes, I know that this is a very unhealthy statement.

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