I Know I Do This Every Year. . .

. . . but I can’t help myself. I have to do it again. So here goes:

Today, at 3:15 pm, my weekend began. And it will last until 9:30 am on Tuesday. Because that’s my schedule every Spring semester. This makes going to grad school for 7 years completely worth it.

Oh, I love this job.

15 thoughts on “I Know I Do This Every Year. . .”

  1. Yes but you’re still working right? I have to be at work tomorrow 8-5, and I get Monday off but so does everybody else. But I “get” (as I’m sure you do) to do a few hours of work tonight, and work all through the weekend AND all day Monday. Its just that Monday its going to happen in my pajamas. So occasionally I get a “work in pajamas” day but I don’t know that that’s better than not working at all and being in pajamas. I find that as a teacher my work days are 8-10pm 7 days a week sometimes. Don’t you?
    (I teach mwf with committees on t/th but sometimes teach mtwthf)


      1. Thanks for yours, I’m doing the same with mine! I wanted to finish it for tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen.


  2. That’s quite alright. I’m willing to keep my job in finance related IT at the cost of my weekend starting at 6pm tomorrow and going until 8a Tuesday.


  3. I wanted to ask whether you want to share your thoughts on US-Israel-Iran situation in vacation free time. One blogger predicts US-Iran war soon:
    What do you think RE the possibility of nuclear Iran? How dangerous it would really be to US? To Israel? What about current assasinations of its’ nuclear scientists? I read somewhere re hope that if the latter is successful, the war may not be necessary. It’s very difficult to understand for me and I would love to read your post on this important, relevant to all of us topic.


  4. On another topic, I just had to share this: how an anti-Semitic woman will turn even the great prenatal care she got in Israel into an opportunity to “bring good infant care in Israel in the vicinity of โ€œeugenicsโ€ and thus comparing it to Nazism” (in a Dutch Christian mainstream paper, btw).

    The original article seems to be in Dutch, but I think one can use Google Translate.


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