A Meme: Stranded

I’m really into memes nowadays. Here is a cool one from Shakesville:

Were you to be stranded for an indefinite period of time, which one book, one album, and one film would you want to have with you?

My book is Benito Perez Galdos’s Fortunata and Jacinta. Oh, the joy of spending my entire life reading and rereading it! It’s also very long, which is an added bonus.

My album is Pavarotti’s Greatest Hits. It’s more or less all I ever listen to anyways.

And my film is actually a collection of films by Nikita Mikhalkov. Yes, he is a total jerk. But he is (or used to be) a fantastic movie director. And I want no more arguments about that! All I want is help with not buying the collection because I’m now sorely tempted.

Yes, I’m weird.

What would you choose?

8 thoughts on “A Meme: Stranded

  1. Book: The Arabian Nights (translated by Husain Haddawy) I get something new out of it each time I read it, and I think the overarching theme you can glean from the stories all together is that there’s nothing more marvellous or mystical in the world than the human imagination. I could use some stimulation to my imagination while on an island alone. 🙂

    Album: The Vitamin String Quartet: String Quartet Tribute to David Bowie. It’s absolutely beautiful, but bouncy and fun.

    Film: Sansho the Bailiff. Probably the most underrated film in Japanese cinema. Why this one gets neglected in favour of always showing Ugetsu in Japanese film classes is beyond me.


  2. Book: “The unbearable Lightness of being” by Kundera
    Movie: “Talk to her” by Almodovar.
    Music: “Hair” the first Broadway production version.


  3. A very hard question. I’ve been rereading some of the favourite books from my past, and they don’t all stand up to the memory I’ve had of them. Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler was so amazing the first time I read it, and now just pretty good. Perez-Reverte is kind of sexist. Joseph Conrad is still wonderful, as is Henry James,and Margaret Drabble and…OK, I’ll choose Henry James, The Golden Bowl.
    Music is surprisingly easy: Measha Brueggergosman, Night and Dreams.
    When I try to think of a movie I could bear to watch over and over again, what comes to mind is Turtle Diary.


  4. Book: The Rabbit series (Updike)

    Music: At the Pershing: But not for me (Ahmad Jamal). ‘Haunting’ shouldn’t be right description of music for someone spending an eternity alone, but I have no other choice. It’s such an achingly beautiful album it makes me cry. Listening to ‘Poinciana’ while driving at night along the Pacific Coast Highway is one of my greatest memories. No matter how I’m feeling, it always puts me into a calm, introspective mood.

    Movie: Withnail and I. I’ll just go crazy quoting this movie’s lines to myself (and it’ll be worth it). It’ll also fulfill the music requirement if Ahmad Jamal’s CD gets scratched. I heard King Curtis’s version of ‘A whiter shade of pale’ for the first time here and immediately fell in love.


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