Student Activism

I always promise myself that I will stop firing off posts by the dozen but then something happens that I really want to share. So the resolution to post less always fails.

Here is the most recent piece of news: our students have organized their own little political protest. It is a very tiny protest with only about 10 people participating but, given our apolitical student body, this is a lot.

I’ve photographed some of their slogans.

The students invited me to join but I’m not allowed to make my political opinions known, of course.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look, I managed to create a slideshow!!!

8 thoughts on “Student Activism

  1. ohhh sorryI’m such a bad person I just can think that the artictic level of your students is pretty poor, isn’t it? I’m still glad to know that they’re capable of protesting…
    anyway… speaking about students protesting… do you know about Valencia? I thought that was what you were going to speak about when I read the title!


      1. ohhh just, weel, there’sa high school that is in very poor conditions (like, no heating and stuff) and the students are protesting, and police is fighting them (to make it short). And well, the students have been publically refered to as “the enemy” by the head of the police in Valencia, what was sort of funny and has led to tons of jokes (imagine: BEWARE! THE ENEMY HAS GOT A BOOK!), and mainly the police in Valencia is once again overdoing things and treating those kids brutally and whatever…


        1. The high school students are protesting? Why not their parents??

          Maybe I need to read about this somewhere but this sounds extremely strange to me. These kids aren’t all orphans, are they?


      2. oh, no, I suppose their parents are protesting too, there’s actually a lot of people protesting… but, you know, the conservetive media is attacking the kids and the no conservative is defending them so everything seems to be about them…


  2. I’m still reeling over the whole all-male contraceptive council, or whatever the hell that was. What is this, 1962?


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