An Update From the Top Secret Writing Group

This is the post I wrote for my top secret online writing group yesterday and I wanted to share it with everybody:

Day 29 on the Seinfeld Chain and I have just sent the article to Jonathan for review. The article is far from perfect, of course, but it exists. I have only managed to write it because I have stayed on the Seinfeld Chain.

The plan for next week is simple: start reviewing and doing the necessary rewriting on the manuscript while staying on the chain.

I’m planning to stay on the Seinfeld Chain until I leave for Europe in mid-May. By that time I plan to have this manuscript undergo a final revision and submit it for publication somewhere.

And then in summer, I will start a new major project that I’m already doing some preliminary research for. The best thing about writing every day is that one can plan one’s research agenda for the future. This is the first time ever that I didn’t dread submitting my research goals for the year at my university. Usually, I find it extremely hard to plan my research so far ahead because I never know if I will have time to do it. Now that I write every day, though, this convenient excuse is gone and I finally feel like I know what I will be doing in the next couple of years. This reduces the stress of being a research scholar immensely.

4 thoughts on “An Update From the Top Secret Writing Group

        1. I’m dying to go to Barcelona but N. wants to go with me because it’s the city of his dreams and he can’t go until he has his papers.

          But soon we will definitely come to Barcelona.


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