Neo-Nazi Websites

As an autistic, I have this obnoxious tendency to blurt out things without thinking, which sometimes makes people uncomfortable. I was sitting at my Eastern European Studies round-table recently, listening to people talk about their research, when suddenly I announced,

“I’ve been reading Russian neo-Nazi websites. . .”

People at the round-table don’t know me well, and judging by physical appearance alone, I look extremely Russian. The facial expressions of my colleagues betrayed horror. “Did we invite a Russian neo-Nazi to our roundtable?” they were thinking.

So I continued, trying to salvage the situation, “. . . because as a Jew, I consider it crucial to track the developments of neo-Nazism in Europe.”

The feeling of relief in the room was palpable.

I do, indeed, follow Russian neo-Nazi websites because it fascinates me to see how their contributors manage to reconcile their love for Hitler with the fact that Hitler considered Slavs to be an inferior race and was preparing to wipe us all out. Neo-Nazi sentiments in the Russian society are strong and it is a huge mistake not to pay attention to their consolidation.

9 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Websites”

  1. I spend too much time reading conspiracist, christian fundamentalist, scientology, anti feminist websites and other drivel they don’t even have names for. It’s just interesting reading! People definitely don’t get it though


  2. I watched a documentary on neo Nazi’s in the States once. It’s scary that we live in a world where people still think that way. It’s definitely smart to be aware of what’s going on in the world.


  3. //how their contributors manage to reconcile their love for Hitler with the fact that Hitler considered Slavs to be an inferior race and was preparing to wipe us all out

    That’s interesting. So how do they do it? Ignore? Tell “he was wrong in this point, but totally right in other 99%”?


      1. Plus there have been Swedes mixing in with Bulgars and Ukrainians since Charlemagne so by now every Slavic herr und fraulein has got some of that pristine Odin’s blood shining in their veins. You and I, Clarissa, are daughters of Freya herself. Lets go a-viking down in the Danemark!


  4. Here’s the thing, its not the Neo Nazi’s you should be concerned about. It is the people that hate, because if you hate long enough and hard enough its just a matter of time until you find the right group to pass your hate onto. The group’s that do this are just a symptom of a condition that started long before.


  5. That’s not on neo-Nazis but on minorities in US:

    Due to the league’s refusal to change the game time, a Jewish high school basketball team in Texas may be forced to miss a playoff match scheduled for the Sabbath.

    Adding to Beren’s frustration is the fact that for all its rigidity in this case, TAPPS has a history of bending the rules for other religion-based scheduling conflicts. Beren officials cite an instance in 2010 in which the Friday start time of a boys’ soccer state semifinal was moved up to accommodate the religious needs of a Seventh-Day Adventist school. That faith observes the same Friday/Saturday Sabbath as Judaism. When asked why Beren won’t be offered a similar dispensation in this case, TAPPS director Edd Burleson says his organization has changed its bylaws since the 2010 incident, adding, “If we bend this rule, which is the next one we’ll bend? If you make exceptions, we no longer have rules.”

    I spoke with Mr. Burleson for 30 minutes today. The following is a verbatim exchange from my phone call with him.

    Haber: “Do you guys hold games on Sunday mornings?”

    Burleson: “No.”

    Haber: “Why not?”

    Burleson: “Because that’s the rule of our association.”

    Haber: “By playing on Friday nights, but not on Sunday mornings, does that give an unequal amount of respect to the Jewish Sabbath?”

    Burleson: “There were no Jewish schools in TAPPS when it was established, and they came into the league knowing what our policy was.”

    Haber: “So, now that you have Jewish schools in the league, why not change the policy?”

    Burleson: “Why should we allow one or two or three schools to dictate what 120 other schools do?”

    Haber: “Some would call that being inclusive.”

    Burleson: “I don’t recall “inclusive” being in our constitution.”


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