Prissiness Wins in the UK

And here I thought people in the UK were supposed to have a sense of humor. I guess I was mistaken, and the Victorian prissiness is alive and well. The following ad has been now banned after nine years of regular use:

24 thoughts on “Prissiness Wins in the UK”

  1. At first I didn’t understand where they saw the swear word. Here: The Sofa King ? Since it’s usually written with “uck”, I only saw it by chance.

    And immediately after reading your post I saw this:


  2. Look here too, such a beautiful card:

    In short, Britain becomes prissier. Russia becomes racier. But does sex really sell?


    1. You are not serious? No way that’s an actual election campaign ad.

      This is quite disgusting.

      (For non-Russian speakers, there is a transcript right below the video.)

      In the meanwhile, I will go and vomit.


      1. For some reason “I am modest, I wear a cross” thing disgusts me most of all.

        Also playing on stereotypes of women needing protection. In Israel, where women serve too, it wouldn’t fly.

        Wanted to add a joke on “less modest (most of population) vote for another”, but nothing good comes to mind.


  3. In America we already kind of have the general idea that all British people are prissy chubby nobby sphincter-tightening monocle-sporting coupe-driving-on-wrong-side-of-the-road vicars. And they are all named Nigel Thropemoor Wingeybotler III, Flying Duke of Tippydippyshitnosehamshiretonwich. Even the women. Especially the women.

    That, or football hooligans.


    1. In TV shows, whenever they want to show that somebody is a complex, tortured person with a nasty personality but very smart, they give him a British accent. Post-colonial imaginings are always fascinating.


      1. Post colonial. That’s hot!
        All kidding aside, I think your insight that slightly creepy guys who are smart often have English accents. James Mason was the original creepo.


    1. Well, you obviously are. 🙂

      British humor is world famous, so, please, folks, don’t lose it. We can’t let the genetically earnest Americans stamp out humor.

      (The patriotically minded folks can relax, I’m just trying to be playful.)


  4. Sofa King has been a very silly joke in my household for years…I can’t believe the Brits didn’t find that funny!

    (Sofa King sofas, for when you’re Sofa King tired! Let’s go to Sofa King!)


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