Penis or Family Jewels?

A conversation with a senior colleague:

Clarissa: Do you remember this play we saw last year?

Colleague: No, what play?

Clarissa: The one with a penis!

Colleague: I have no idea what you are talking about. What was the play’s title?

Clarissa: I don’t remember the title but there was a naked guy in the play. With a penis!

Colleague: Who was the author, then?

Clarissa: I don’t know. I just remember the penis.

Colleague: Oh, was that the play where we bought jewelry during the intermission?

Clarissa: I don’t know from jewelry. The penis is all I retained from the play.

Colleague: Yes, that was some really cool jewelry.

7 thoughts on “Penis or Family Jewels?”

  1. I remember reading about a version of The Scottish Play once where the actors were performing it in the nude. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but that would be fun to watch, though as someone who used to work for a theatrical costume department, I’d be scandalized by all those poor out of work costumers. So maybe I’d see Equus instead.


  2. Well, you obviously retained the most important detail from that play.

    You know what? You should go and watch this Play with your spanish students. I bet they would luuurve it.


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