Breaking the Chain

So I decided to listen to David Bellamy’s advice and step back from my article for a while. This means breaking the Seinfeld Chain. It was a good chain that lasted 38 days. I think that, for my very first chain, it’s a great result.

The article needs a very significant intellectual breakthrough to be made as good as it can potentially be. But I’m completely blocked and exhausted right now. I’ve been staring stupidly at the text for three days, creating meaningless ugly sentences. I believe that I need to get some rest during the final part of the spring break and then attack the article with new-found strength. I don’t think it makes sense to drive myself to the point of a physical collapse here. This is pretty much where things are going right now. I don’t sleep, I don’t do the grading and the service-related things I need to do, I don’t read, I don’t play my favorite Kindle game, I don’t cook, I don’t take long baths, I don’t play with makeup, I don’t read posts in my Google Reader – because I’m stuck on this article.

So from now until Tuesday, I’m resting. Feel free to tell me I’m making the right decision because I will not manage to rest if guilt over breaking the chain consumes me.

6 thoughts on “Breaking the Chain”

  1. Yes! I support this decision. Sometimes a bit of distance does wonders for creative thinking. And be proud of yourself: a 38 day Seinfeld chain is amazing!!! And you have a complete draft of an article. So that’s much more than half the battle! I am currently on Day 8 of a Seinfeld chain by the way!!! Let’s hope I can continue. 🙂


  2. The chain is a tool to create productivity so you can publish. It is not an end in itself. If the tool isn’t the right one for the job, then you need a different tool. In this case, it sounds like you need a break (and have a remarkably long chain, not to mention the three recent articles!), so that is the right tool for now.


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