Notifications for Readers

1. Posts and comments now have a row of stars underneath them, so everybody can evaluate what I write and what other readers have to say. I think it’s a very good innovation that people might enjoy.

2. Patrick from Canada: your comment ended up in the Spambox for some incomprehensible reason, and I accidentally deleted it. I didn’t do that on purpose and I apologize. Sometimes, good comments end up in the Spambox, and I don’t always manage to rescue them effectively.

3. People whose comments end up in moderation every single time: if you leave an email address (even a completely spurious one) when making a comment, I will only have to approve it once and then you will be able to comment freely without having to wait until I approve every one of your comments. Reader Liz: please consider this because I want people to be able to see your great comments as soon as they appear and not as soon as I wake up and approve them. 🙂

4. My readers are the best of all blog readers I found anywhere. I know that for a fact because I’ve researched the matter.


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