My Life Strategy

Do you know this joke about a knight and a dragon?

A knight was crossing the desert. He’d been walking for a very long time and was exhausted and thirsty. On the way, he’d lost his horse and his helmet. Even his boots had fallen apart. All that he had left was his sword.

Suddenly, he saw a small lake on the horizon. The knight realized that he’d finally be able to slake his thirst, so he got over his exhaustion and ran towards the lake.

When he got there, though, he saw a three-headed dragon sitting by the side of the lake. The knight got out his sword and started battling the dragon. He fought him all day long and finally managed to cut off two of the dragon’s heads. The dragon fell onto the ground in complete exhaustion, and so did the knight.

“Why did you attack me?” the dragon asked the knight in a small voice.

“I wanted a drink of water. . .” the knight whispered.

“So why didn’t you just drink???” the dragon asked.

I’m exactly like that knight. I create insurmountable difficulties for myself, then battle them to the point of complete exhaustion, and then heroically overcome them.

Of course, none of this heroism would be needed if I didn’t create the obstacles for myself.

It’s a very stupid life strategy, and I do not recommend it.


10 thoughts on “My Life Strategy”

  1. I know a lot of people like this and some of them may not recognize this behavior. The problem for me then lies with avoiding them because I typically find that they try to impose their problems on me and I don’t enjoy being around the chaos that they create. I’ve also observed that these people are adverse to the suggestion of seeking therapy/counseling. Get therapy. It works.


  2. I thought that was the meaning life: dealing wth imaginary dragons and killing them. πŸ™‚
    When you’re depressed or have killed one it’s time to find (create) a new dragon. On the other hand there’s also the dragon philosophy: follow you’re heart, your hunch, your dragon and you will always be fine. Even if attacked he won’t have any remorse or internal conflict, because he did, what he felt he had to do.

    A Knight, however, lives his whole life in conflict, because one part of him is a dragon too. He battles deciding wether to be a dragon or a knight.

    A choice of lifestyle I guess…


    1. He also has a stupid life strategy which consists of getting in the way of knights desperate for some heroic feats. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Notice how he only started asking questions after losing 2 of his heads. A typical victim by choice. πŸ™‚


  3. Ah, so it is. The trouble is, people will argue with you about the existence of the dragons, when they are very real.


    1. Oh, of course they are. I’m just saying that my personal dragons are more often than not a product of my imagination. πŸ™‚

      I’m not condemning anybody with this post. This is my very personal issue.


  4. I have a problem sometimes with over-thinking. Once I stop thinking, I’m fine. I can genuinely stop thinking really easily now as there is not one philosophical issue I haven’t thought through or one psychological issue I haven’t sufficiently resolved to my satisfaction.


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