More on Hateful Pseudo-Feminists in Russia and Elsewhere

Some people should really chew more and speak less. Here is yet another idiotic article on the subject of the Russian performers who vandalized an Orthodox cathedral:

About a month ago, I wrote about Pussy Riot’s exciting brand of activism.

Yes, you did, you ignorant fool who is projecting her own cultural reality onto a completely different country she despises too much to learn anything about before firing off stupid posts.

After the group’s demonstration at Christ the Savior Cathedral, alleged Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were arrested and detained. . . The arrests occurred the day before the election, possibly in an effort to prevent protests after Putin’s election.

A simple Google search would reveal to this idiot that the post-election protests had been planned a long time in advance, and their organizers had obtained official permits to assemble peacefully, which is their constitutional right. They had absolutely no trouble obtaining the permits. The protests took place and the police made no effort to prevent them from happening. (I have a mountain of links to the accounts of people who participated in the protests, in case anybody is interested.) This entire Pussy Riot debacle had absolutely no influence on the protests and was not in any way related to them.

Pussy Riot’s detractors are accusing them of blasphemy.

These money-hungry performers tried to self-promote by violating a place of worship that has a very tragic history and is a sacred space not only for the members of the Orthodox Church but for everybody who has even a modicum of appreciation for the history and culture of Russia. Maybe I’ll write a post about the Christ the Savior Cathedral later on because it has a truly fascinating history. Blasphemy or not, this was an act of vandalism and a hate crime. If you don’t agree, then consider how you’d feel about me if I ran into a mosque or a synagogue and yelled, “I shit on your Allah or your Yahve, you stupid swine!” Just remember that Christ the Savior Cathedral has pretty much the same meaning to the members of the Russian Orthodox Church as the Holy Temple in Jerusalem does  for the Jews.

If the author of this stupid post were, indeed, a feminist (which she claims to be, but which she very obviously is not), she would mention that the truly appalling thing about this entire situation is the number of suggestions that the arrested members of Pussy Riot be released because “they are women and mothers” that has been appearing in the Russian press. This double standard is an insult to women everywhere.

10 thoughts on “More on Hateful Pseudo-Feminists in Russia and Elsewhere”

  1. I also read suggestions that they should be released because Christians should forgive their enemies and instead send a priest to jail to explain them what they did. Or suggestions to make them sweap streets near the Cathedral.

    For example, may be you’ll be interested in lj of this Christian woman, who writes many posts about religion and connected to it topics:

    //Maybe I’ll write a post about the Christ the Savior Cathedral later on because it has a truly fascinating history.

    Please, do.


  2. I’m not one for churches, however there is an Anglican church near the central square in the city, in Zimbabwe, where local tourists who were shot down by one of the guerrilla groups are buried. A lot of these were children and otherwise happy holiday-makers on their way back from a trip to a local resort. This event was like our hiroshima, which came at the end of the war. The stones above these graves appear to be moving, too. This is a sacred place.


  3. “…exciting brand of activism.”

    For some reason I just knew by that statement that the writer was American. She could have used any other word, but she picked “exciting.” Because the point isn’t helping or change or aiding the oppressed — the point is to have fun.


  4. Here is the part that worries me a bit:
    I am hoping that the charges against them are dropped, but at the moment, the situation is not looking promising.

    While I do agree that the folks calling for violence too far I don’t see any reason that charges should be dropped if in fact these women vandalized a church.

    And that whole thing about “They should be released because they are mothers of young children.” Well maybe instead of asking for the courts to “think of the children” people should be asking why these women didn’t “think of the children” before committing those acts. Yes it would be terrible if those children have to grow up while their mothers are in prison but to expect motherhood to mitigate punishment is just messed up.


    1. There were even suggestions that they be released because of the International Women’s Day on March 8. According to this logic, all male criminals should be let out of jail on Feb 23, which is celebrated in Russia as Men’s Day and all female criminals on March 8.


  5. If you don’t agree, then consider how you’d feel about me if I ran into a mosque or a synagogue and yelled, “I shit on your Allah or your Yahve, you stupid swine!”

    Among others, I’d feel like a member of ACT-UP. Anti-Christians acts like this are common enough in the USA and celebrated by all stripes of activists, including, yes, feminists.


  6. Hmm, not really sure about this one at all. Whilst I agree that freettuned capitalism seems to be making an awful bollocks of things, the protest does run the risk of coming across as participated in by folks who aren’t necessarily that much part of the oppressed masses. This may be unfair, but I am judging by the fact that one of their spokesmen has a profile on Linkedin describing him as a freelance PR. That and the fact that the really oppressed people in the UK aren’t likely to be able to go and camp out side St Paul’s for days on end as they tend to be doing stuff like being unpaid carers and/or minimum wage (or below minimum wage jobs), having to jump to the tune of the jobcentre or get their benefits stopped etc. What I’d really like to know (well one thing at least, there are hundreds) is when the world started being run by the likes of Standard and Poor. Can’t we just tell them to take a running jump, instead of worrying about losing our triple A rating (do we still have it?) Particularly since their track record (Lehman Brothers) ain’t that great.


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