Birthday and Compliments

Today Clarissa’s Blog turns three!

If we assume that a blog follows the same stages of psychological development as a person, then we can say that at this point, the framework of this blog’s personality has been established. So what do people have to say about Clarissa’s Blog? I have been gathering some of the compliments people have been making to the blog. Here they are:

Brittany-Ann: “My day is not complete without having made the rounds to my favorite blogs. Some of them are well known and popular, like Shakesville and Clarissa’s Blog. Others have their own niches on the net.”

Evelina Anville: “Clarissa’s Blog falls under the category of “necessary” online time.”

Elizabeth: “The best part of my day is getting online and seeing that you’ve made a bunch of new posts.”

Keith: ” I hold tremendous respect for you your integrity is seldom baited. I value your honesty and respect the liberty of your thoughts and ideas. I like the geometry of your thoughts and the thoughts of many of the commenters.”

Liz: “This blog profoundly changed how I view many things, particularly feminism. Now I argue with friends telling them how misogyny unfairly places everyone in boxes, whereas before I bought into evolutionary psychology and had no idea that gender stereotypes might not be based on anything important, and I thought feminism equated hatred of men – which in all honesty after a long look in the mirror (largely thanks to this blog) I realized I regularly engaged in.”

Another Liz: “I enjoy your blog immensely, though I don’t believe I’ve ever commented. I would like to add here that your trolls’ comments are ridiculous, and not only do I think you’re intelligent and humorous, but your hair is awesome.”

Arzee: “I often agree with you – as I do for this blog – but even when I don’t, you discuss the most interesting things and spur good dialogue. ”

Titfortat: “You make me and wifee smile. Great sense of humour that is much appreciated!”

And my blog was referred to as “the awesome Clarissa’s blog” here.

This blogger also agrees that my blog “is awesome.”

And this is from a blogger I barked at angrily: “This girl is very intense, like a microwave that got stuck on high and is emitting brainwaves more intense than a microwave stuck on high.  She writes an incredible amount of blogs a month, knows a bunch of languages and is a professor.  She was arrested for stealing a microwave that emits brainwaves and presently cooks for the inmates on Death Row*.” I really dig being an intense girl-professor.

Thank you, everybody, for reading and commenting! I can safely say that my blog attracts the most intelligent, enlightened, passionate people ever.

Happy 3rd Birthday to all of us!

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