A Crime Nobody Cares About

I’m reading one of Peter Robinson’s mysteries, and it seems like this very solid writer really messed up by constructing his novel around one crime nobody cares about : the copyright violation. 

I mean you might care about it hugely in real life but would you want to read an entire novel about this scary villain who – oh horror! – sold illegal copies of Star Wars videogames?

This is a kind of crime that stands even lower on the hierarchy of suitable plots for a mystery novel than the murderer of an adult male.

4 thoughts on “A Crime Nobody Cares About

    1. I’m afraid the novel is another Middlesex, that is an attempt to titillate bored housewives with stories of “unusual” sexualities. I was very disappointed by The Cider House Rules and do not expect anything other than an attempt to cash in on juicy topics from this author.


    1. He did kill off a young female character to add some excitement. However, I’m already bored to death of the endless details of how pirated CDs are made, shipped and distributed.


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