Drunk Driver

OK, if the bus driver who is driving me to work smells of alcohol, what should I do about this?

7 thoughts on “Drunk Driver

  1. Call the fucking police (maybe this time, they’ll be really useful!) and make a claim to the bus company administration, and the next time, repeat loudly “the bus driver is drunk” many times.


    1. Or, from a Bible Belt macho point of view, congratulate him because this increases both of your respective fuckability! 😉

      (The worse about this: the majority of women would be agreeing with me if I would be serious! 😦 )


  2. Get of the bus, contact the bus company and yeah perhaps call the police.
    Does he seem drunk or is it just the smell?

    Maybe he forgot to change shirt from last night out drinking? (still not perfect but better than drunk driving 😉 )


  3. I think that a lot of the buses have numbers posted in them about whom to call in case of complaints. I would call the bus company, noting the driver’s name (which should be posted), the date and time. Maybe write down the bus number, too. That’s a serious problem and needs to be reported.


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