OK, How About This One Then?

The new blog theme I’ve been trying out since yesterday did not prove to be an unqualified success. So I’m trying out another one now.

How do you feel about this one?

P.S. We have many space lovers around here. I hope they like the theme.

P.P.S. As faithful I am in my personal life, I often get restless about my blog theme. This is very weird.

21 thoughts on “OK, How About This One Then?

  1. I too love redesigning from time to time! Do it on my Mac every few months.

    Think I preferred the plainer one you tried, though. Not sure about this background. Is there a ‘beach’ one like gmail that shows the weather? That would be aces!


  2. I’d say this is very Mac inspired though for example with this style you could just change the background from time to time and stick with the rest of the theme …


  3. Very esoteric. 🙂

    Your title looks very modest, it’s quite small and unobtrusive. I think you could make it bigger so it stands out more and maybe change the font to something more in keeping with the space theme. Perhaps a less solid font would look better.

    One other suggestion would be to have three columns so you can spread the load of the sidebars on two sides. As it it, it’s quite busy over there on the right with all the little blocks.

    But it looks much better than the clinical white. 🙂


  4. I like this one. It’s very pretty. I like the number of comments in the little balloons at the top of the post. I think three columns would be very crowded.


  5. Hmm.. guess I am the party-pooper.. not a fan of it. Your old site was simple.. but great… and helped me concentrate on the topics at hand. Regardless.. its your sharp insights and occasional rants 🙂 that we all love!


  6. I actually love the background color and the space theme. But I find the main font a teeny bit pale: any way you could make the font darker? (Sorry! I’m getting old! My eyes aren’t what they used to be.) But I am realizeing that you won’t be able to satisfy everybody so you might as well as pick something you like. 😉


  7. Hm. I am not so convinced. To me it looks a bit too spiritual, like this is a New Age or Christian blog. 🙂 And it reminds me too much of my Mac starting. I liked the colour of the original version since it also transmitted warmth.


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