Reader Appreciation Series: David Bellamy

David Bellamy has been reading my blog for a very long time. He is a mathematician who is in love with his profession and who exemplifies everything that is good about academia.

I absolutely adore David Bellamy because he is a wonderful person, a true intellectual with a voracious thirst for knowledge, a progressive, a wonderful father, and a great teacher. He is also an exemplary blog reader. David sends me links to interesting articles I can use to blog about on a regular basis. He is also a great lover of the English language, which is a quality I admire a lot. I’m kind of scary, so people are shy about pointing out my typos and linguistic gaffes, but David Bellamy values linguistic purity more than passing vanities. I think this is a great thing. True friends are the ones who are not afraid to point out your mistakes, and not the ones who condescend to you by pretending you are perfect.

David Bellamy read my blog when almost nobody knew it existed and has not abandoned it over the years. Thank you, my dear friend, I appreciate this more than I can say.


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