Gamer Raffle: Call of Duty Black Ops II – FREE

Dear gamers,

I have a brand-new, unopened DVD with the recently released Call of Duty Black Ops II. You can see it in the pictures. It’s a PC version, and I want to give it for free and in return for absolutely nothing to a deserving gamer who wants to be reunited with the game but can’t buy one for whatever reason.

All you need to get the game is participate in the raffle on Clarissa’s Blog. Just leave a comment with any nickname of your choice and an email where I can contact you to tell you that you have won. After everybody submits their request, I will draw a random name and send the DVD to the winner. Remember that you will eventually have to give me an address in the US where I will send the DVD.

There is a bonus Nuketown 2025 map included.

The winner of the raffle and the happy recipient of this great game will be announced on this blog within a week.

P.S. I want to reassure my regular readers that this game was not taken from N. against his will. He has his own copy of the game that he is happily playing right now.

This post will remain sticky while the raffle continues, so please scroll down for new posts.


14 thoughts on “Gamer Raffle: Call of Duty Black Ops II – FREE”

  1. I’m not an gamer, but if you decide to give away any good soccer game count me in! Good luck to Call of Duty fans!
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you both!


  2. Oooo. I got to play this on the 360 on release day at a buddy’s place. Since i dont have a 360 or PS3 but do have a nice PC this perfect. Question as the admin of this site can you see the email address attached to this comment or must it be in the comment?


  3. My boys are campaigning to get the XBox version for Christmas. Not just the game but the special XBox that they’ve brought out in gunmetal grey and lots of memory (or something). They are honing their commercial skills to try and sell their current XBox so I’ll buy the new one. The current one was last year’s Christmas present.

    I’m just bemused by their devotion to the cause but will go along with it if they get a good price (their choice, after all).


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