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So how are you doing the turkey? Or are you doing it?

I’m doing mine in brine, following this recipe but making it a lot more complicated. And there will also be my trademark blini-caviar-smoked salmon cake.

I’m forced to buy these small turkeys that only weigh 14 lbs for the moment but I dream of getting to cook a huge, enormous bird one day.


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8 thoughts on “Turkey

  1. Rick Summerson on said:

    It simply isn’t fair not to post the salmon cake recipe!


  2. That’s what Middle East problems do to people… My first reaction, upon just seeing the title, was – what happened in Turkey now???


  3. My thanksgiving already happened. But the US Thanksgiving is right around the time a US AC radio station (that everyone where I live can easily receive) just across the border starts playing Christmas music.


  4. Brine, with a cranberry/grapefruit sauce.

    Brine, thanks to you I learned a new word in English.


  5. Roasted, and basted with port wine. Port in the stuffing too. Makes a really flavorful bird, and the gravy is to die for.


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