A King and a Queen

A screen in our cafeteria says, “Be a king, treat a woman like a queen.”

So I flipped that around (as I always do with all gendered statements) and ended up with “Be a queen, treat a man like a king.”

That sounded quite icky.


7 thoughts on “A King and a Queen”

  1. As a general policy treating random strangers of the opposite sex as if they were royalty is beyond bizarre.

    Going out your way to treat your spouse well doesn’t sound icky to me. Still, the metaphor ‘your spouse is royalty’ seems very misguided.

    Treat your wife like a queen – divorce her and marry her to one of your enemies to cement an alliance!

    Treat your husband like a king – conspire with his underlings to depose him and have the idiot son of his rival take his place.

    The possiblities are…. interesting.


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