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A Blackboard and a Coffin

I just read something funny in this great novel by Benjamin Prado that I want to use for my new article:

Sometimes, the only difference between a blackboard and a coffin is that, in the case of the blackboard, the dead man is located outside.

That’s how I felt yesterday during the first lectures of the semester. Students find it very hard to return to class after Christmas celebrations. I don’t blame them. January 7 is way too early to end the winter festivities.


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2 thoughts on “A Blackboard and a Coffin

  1. I think of teaching like flying (from the airplane’s point of view).

    It’s not the cruising at altitude that takes a lot of energy and causes wear and tear — it’s the take offs and landings.

    The first classes after a two (or more) week break are exhausting. And short breaks in a block of classes are almost worse than no break.

    If things are going reasonably well in class I hardly notice time going by but the 15 minute break between classes just wipes me out.


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