Facebook Does Not Completely Suck!

Leaving aside the tragic story of painful life circumstances that forced me to start a Facebook account, I want to say that Facebook does not completely suck.

Thanks to it, I just learned from a long-lost friend how to make real Peruvian maiz cancha.

You buy it here and then fry it at home like popcorn. It won’t pop but it will become much bigger. And unlike popcorn, it doesn’t stink and it smells phenomenal. Whatever you do, don’t add any salt to it because that’s just nasty.

If I know you in real life and don’t completely hate you, I don’t mind being sent a Facebook invite. And if I do hate you, then what are you doing reading a blog of somebody who has no use for you?

9 thoughts on “Facebook Does Not Completely Suck!

  1. Facebook enabled my brother to organize a 90-th birthday party for my mother last summer. The party was delightful, and the work of organizing it was less than half what it would have been without Facebook.


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