People Who Managed to Annoy Me This Morning

1. Somebody who threw a tantrum saying, “I’m trying so hard to be perfect all the time but you keep giving me suggestions how to improve my essay. And that tells me I’m not perfect!”

2.  Somebody who tried to relieve boredom by trying to provoke the peaceful, content me into a petty conflict.

3. Somebody who asked me to complete the Dean’s evaluation while making it impossible for me to be honest in expressing my opinions.

4. Somebody who designed the Kindle charger in a way that makes one fall apart every two months.

5. Somebody who got very pissy and threatened to complain when I said that “create an original idea for your research project” does not mean “repeat what a critical source said verbatim without even understanding what you are repeating.”

3 thoughts on “People Who Managed to Annoy Me This Morning

  1. OMG – the perfectionist needs to wake up. Nobody is perfect. Didn’t she learn that in kindergarten?


  2. I got annoyed with my coworker/person I am managing, who is new to our job, who keeps repeating the phrase “I just want to do an honest days work, you know, for religious reasons” but then acts like the last thing they want from life is to work hard.


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