There are passionate discussions raging about Perez Hilton’s baby who was born as a result of a surrogate pregnancy, it seems.

For me, the only point worth discussing here is whether the child will be in regular contact with his birth mother. When surrogacy is conducted in a manner that protects the child’s contact with its biological parents (and all of their relatives), it is a beautiful thing. However, when rich people buy cutesy human toys for themselves with no regard for how absolutely crucial it is for a child to know his or her biological relatives, the whole process is completely disgusting.

If anybody wants to object that we don’t know whether the surrogate mother was interested in maintaining contact with this baby, I have to tell you that anybody who chooses such a vicious freak to be their baby’s parent has no regard for the child and only wants to buy a cutesy human toy. I mean, would you want to mix your genetic material with somebody who is willing to sell their own child for money?

6 thoughts on “Surrogacy

  1. What about artificial insemination? I am not judging women, who do that, instead of suffering some man they aren’t interested in or staying completely alone in an old age, as one of my distant relatives. I would rather do that than stay without a child.

    ( Btw, many of semen donors don’t want to be found. Ever. )

    – el


    1. Yes, sure the “suffering ” of women is SO much more important than the very real suffering of their children. If you meet any of such artificial insemination people, you might discover how desperately they want to know their fathers and the fathers’ side of the family. But who cares, as long as the Mommy had a free and uninhibited use of her toy, right?


  2. But using surrogacy, the surrogate mother is not the biological mother… and the surrogate mother’s relatives are not the biological relatives of the child….


    1. In many cases, she is. I suspect that in Perez Hilton’s case that is definitely how it is. And be that as it may, she carried the child to term, she gave birth, she is the mother.


  3. Actually in most cases, the surrogate is NOT the biological mother. She is only the gestational carrier. If the surrogate was the biological mother, she would be a traditional surrogate, which is actually much rarer than gestational surrogacy. I suspect that Hilton used an egg donor and then hired a gestational carrier.

    You’re generalizing quite a bit. How much do you know about the offspring of donor-conceived children and what they do or do not want?

    For what it is worthy, my son was carried via a gestational carrier. We can split hairs about whether I am biologically his mother, but legally and genetically I am.


    1. If an egg donor was used, then it is the child’s right to be in contact with both mothers. People who don’t respect that right are monsters who purchase human toys and have no capacity of seeing a child as a human being.


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