At the French restaurant where we were celebrating our anniversary, I ordered mashed potatoes.

“There doesn’t seem to be any potato in this butter,” N commented when the mashed potatoes appeared on our table.

The French surely love their butter. And I really love mashed potatoes.


3 thoughts on “French

  1. I was just wondering, as a Yale graduate, how you would enjoy the British drama series called Morse or Lewis. This is quite amazing, seeing highly intelligent people, Oxford types, murdering each other day and night. And laying traps. And creating decoys.


    1. I love Morse and Lewis too. And Midsomer Murders which has the middle classes annihilating each other on a regular basis. Then there was the 4-part series called Endeavour which was about Morse’s early police career. That was excellent too.

      I also love mashed potatoes. The French often mash it with olive oil instead of butter in fact, especially down south.


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