Horror Movie Parents

I just read a very scary imaginary dialogue:

Imagine trying to tell your teacher (or even your parents) what’s going on. “They keep trying to trip me!” you say. “Oh, come on, I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose. The hallway is crowded. It must’ve been an accident.”

“They always stop playing kickball right when I try to join the team!” “You’re taking it too personally. I’m sure they just got tired of playing that game.”

“They keep laughing and making snorting noises whenever I have to answer a question!” “It probably has nothing to do with you. They’re just kids having fun.”

“They got so-and-so to pass me a note with a pig drawn on it!” “So they drew you a nice picture. Why do you have to get upset by everything?”

All I can say is that my heart goes out to people who have such horrible, abusive, completely sociopathic parents. It isn’t surprising that a child of such cold, indifferent, cruel people gets bullied. Other kids see that the child has been reared to be a victim and simply react to the role the child’s parents assigned to him or her.


7 thoughts on “Horror Movie Parents”

  1. Because I take an active political stance against misogyny and there is a federal election coming up, I have been targeted by a few right wing populists who want to see our female prime minister out of office. I must say they are very petty. Supposing I was twenty years younger and pretty naive, this would be a different story. But the form of their attacks would certainly only rile somebody very unlike me. But again, I think if I were trying to find my place in the world, this would be upsetting. 🙂


    1. “We can’t let the day go without saying – Our Prime Minister, The Hon Julia Gillard, should not have to endure such despicable behaviour. Shame on you, (sacked) shock jock, Howard Sattler. Your rude arrogance was breathtaking & your line of questioning, appalling. Such disrespect is shameful.”


  2. What would have been a right reaction? I know your answer includes “go to psychologist yourself”, but except that. F.e. you adopted a child and s/he is bullied now as before. What can be done? “Just ignore them”? Going to principal in extreme cases? (Imo, can work.)


    1. “What would have been a right reaction?”

      For starters, just seeing the problem as it is. The people in this dialogue (who aren’t necessarily only parents – but also teachers, “friends,” other adults), don’t even want to see what’s going on or acknowledge its seriousness. To a person getting bullied, even a simple acknowledgement of this kind begins to take the weight off their shoulders – they’re not crazy, they’re not alone, what’s happening is wrong, and someone else sees it… From there, the specific actions taken to stop the bullying need to be determined on a case by case basis.


    2. Recently, N asked a psychologist the same question. He was a victim of horrible bullying as a child and he fears that his son will also become a victim. This is a very big issue with him.

      So the psychologist said the same thing, “If your child is bullied, you need to stop bullying him. Victims are created at home.” Everything else is a trick that lazy parents invent to avoid facing responsibility for their issues.


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