Where Is “Other” Located?

Thirteen people said they reside in “Other” on the most recent poll (see the right-hand panel of the Homepage of this blog.) Did people do this to mess with me or is there a region I have missed when making the poll? I keep staring at it but I still have no idea what area of the world I might have forgotten.

In my defense, I can say that I’m really bad at geography because my geography teacher hated and terrorized me. Once when I was 11, I came home from school three hours late, disheveled, my face completely swollen with tears, my pantyhose torn, and unable to say a word because trauma blocked my voice. My mother almost had a heart attack because it took me a while to calm down and explain that I hadn’t been assaulted by pedophiles.

And now that I have guilted everybody into feeling sorry for me, please tell me what “Other” on the poll means to you.

12 thoughts on “Where Is “Other” Located?

  1. OK… so perhaps I answered “Other” because back then I resided in the US and in Canada. My answer would have been more precise had you decided not to put political geography in you poll (North America instead of Canada, the US, and Mexico).

    And then, the Caribbean.


  2. Since you made this poll to see if any Spanish speakers read your blog (if I remember correctly), I think it would have been interesting if you had made Spain one of the options. Surely some of those who clicked Western Europe are from the country of your specialty.


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