Driving Terminology

I keep undertaking projects that will occupy me and make me incapable of thinking about anything sad. One of these projects is, once again, studying the driving rules. I don’t understand half of the terminology they use, so I have to Google things constantly.

Take, for instance, the term “controlled-access highway.” Why couldn’t the driving rules just specify that the term refers to something as simple as an Autobahn?

Now I need to figure out how an expressway differs from controlled-access highway.

3 thoughts on “Driving Terminology

  1. There must be regional differences here. I think ‘limited access highway’ is what we call the Interstate Highways here in Delaware. I have never heard of controlled access highways, although they might be toll roads where it is necessary to go through a tollbooth to gain access.

    I suspect that most Americans would have no idea what ‘Autobahn’ means.

    The terms ‘expressway’ and ‘freeway’ mean the same thing, but in defferent parts of the country. I suspect that ‘controlled access highway’ is another synonym.


  2. It’s just a freeway or the kind of highway you get on through an entrance ramp and that has no traffic signals within it. Expressway means the same thing, essentially.


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