Cuban Terrorists

A student was making a presentation on Cuba and mentioned that Americans cannot travel to Cuba “because of that whole embargo thingy.”

I asked why there was an embargo. The student looked befuddled.

“Erm. . . Because of terrorists?” she suggested.

“Which terrorists?” I asked.

“Muslim terrorists?” the student ventured.

In Russia, there is a saying that if you don’t know the answer to a question, say Pushkin because in all probability the question had to do with Pushkin. Muslim terrorists are US’s Pushkin, it seems.

13 thoughts on “Cuban Terrorists

  1. AM linked to 2 stories about the war on drugs, the second is really horrible:
    I suspect some cops have started to get mad at you if you don’t produce the drugs they were hoping to find on you.

    At a certain point, they’re just punishing you for not having drugs when they wanted you to have drugs. They see the suspect’s lack of drugs as an attempt to frustrate their desire to get praise and promotions at work.


    1. Great article, thank you! The idea of building a ghetto around oneself is very powerful.

      I’m going to a talk precisely about these processes in Israel next week. I will write about it.


      1. His main idea seems to be “there is a special new Israeli Jew, different from Jews elsewhere, change your names to show that”. This difference to him seems more than simply having one’s nation state.

        I don’t want to artificially coin myself into this new Israeli Jew of his dreams. For me, it’s enough to live in Israel, serve in its army, etc. Why would remembering your German, Russian or Ethiopian roots hurt? Hasn’t Israel, like US in a way, moved past this “we need melting pot” stage?


    1. I know, I saw his post about this. My blogroll saves all posts even when authors delete them.

      Hugo’s entire story is a great illustration of how crucial it is to pay attention to one’s mental health. Mental problems cannot be talked away or willed away. My analyst specifically works with people approaching their mid-forties because if they don’t prepare, every single issue will blow up like a nuclear explosion.


      1. Could you write what is so special about mid-40ies (except understanding you did something wrong before and it’s too late to fix) and how can an analyst help (except “suck it up, it’s gone”)?


  2. Strange, I though it was because a faction of Tamil Tigers took over the city of Havana, and poisoned the drinks of some visiting Rhodesian diplomats. I was WAY off the mark on that one!


    1. Before I went to Yale, my sister made me ditch all my favorite Russian-whore style clothes and buy presentable, serious outfits. There was this short red skirt with high lace-up black boots and a psuh-up black shirt I really love and she hounded me into ditching them.

      Then when I was preparing to go on the job market she hounded me into a black business-suit with pants. And I did buy it with the very last money I had. Good times. 🙂

      So yes, I know what it’s like.


  3. In Russia/Ukraine, are clothes like that NOT considered to be suggestive? Is the social perception surrounding things like lace up boots and mini-skirts very different in Eastern Europe?

    I have been to Serbia, and seen professional women in more revealing attire, it seemed that no one associated those clothes with what they would associated with the US.

    Then again, in parts of America (think NJ), ideas of taste are quite different in the realm of female attire!


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