Saturday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Have I mentioned how obnoxious it is that there is always a crowd of losers ready to defend even the most disgusting abuses in academia? Yes, I think I have.

Gender segregation in UK universities: the country is collapsing into barbarity. More on this subject here.

FDA doesn’t seem to have any real work to do, so it persecutes a company that can’t cause anybody any harm. The way to be safe from the FDA is to sell pills. If you don’t sell pills, then the FDA will persecute you.

Plagiarism and copyright infringement are tow different things.

This is a very interesting and thoughtful article that tells us how stupid all of the fussy messing around with the system of education is.

Business groups waged a fierce lobbying campaign last month to convince Republicans to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling, but many of the most influential U.S. corporations have not cut off support to lawmakers who did not heed their appeal.” I’ve been asking if the threats of default were helping some businesses make money, and here, it seems, is my answer.

Here is an article suggesting that Americans should move to Russia to live better economically. I think you know me well enough to guess what I think about the article and its author.

A very intelligent post on how idiotic ideas such as putting office workers in cubicles come about.

When you start fantasizing about how everybody around you needs to get fired, it’s time to seek psychological help. It just isn’t normal to want people to get fired.

I get the impression that the Roman Pope Francis is beginning to suffer from a carefully-cultivated media image (cultivated by the media, not by him) for saying things he never said, and promoting things that he never had any intention of promoting.” I have the same feeling.

New cholesterol/statin guidelines sound like a very bad idea.

The fourth aspect of an academic job (besides teaching, research, and service) which the linked blogger hates as much as I do.

And the post of the week: a crushing story of how the brilliant Dorothy Parker was so driven to despair by poverty and loneliness that she plagiarized Nabokov.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. Before looking at the article about Russia, I thought the author meant “Americans with enough savings can move to Russia and spend their last years there, paying less for rent and food than in USA.” Never imagined it was about *working* in Russia. 🙂

    The school system of education: in Israel students have to take Bagrut exams to graduate high school, both in required and chosen by students subjects. Is it teaching for the test too and should be abolished? Our current minister of education likes to talk how school should focus more on values, which are as important as f.e. math, and how the number of Bagrut exams should be decreased. I didn’t go to high school to be taught values, such as family values (what does it mean in practice at all?) and something about environment (from one newspaper), but to be taught subjects. Without Bagrut exams, many won’t study at all, will prevent others from studying (more than now) and teachers’ job will become one giant nightmare. Also, I am sure it’s easier to do Bagrut exams than entrance exams to universities in the required subjects (esp. after 2-3 years in the army and forgetting the material).


  2. Thanks for the link to mky blog, and also for the other interesting links. I especially appreciated the one about plagiarism and copyright violation.


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